Denham Village Memorial Hall, Village Road, Denham Village, Bucks, UB9 5BN

01753 650114         Reg. Charity No. 202124


In Memoriam

Committee & Trustees


Conditions of Hire

Summary of Licence

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The Management Committee comprises:

The Management Committee comprises:

The two trustees; Secretary, Treasurer

Buckinghamshire County Council representative (None at present)

South Bucks District Council representative (None at present)

Denham Parish Council representative

One representative from each of the Denham Branch of the Royal British Legion (None at present)

One representative from the Denham Branch of the Woman's Institute (None at present)

One representative from the Denham Branch of the Mothers Union (None at present)

Up to six Denham residents elected at the AGM

The current membership is:

Rosemarie Stevenson (Trustee and Chairperson)

Tim Greenfield (Trustee and Treasurer)

Cathy Jullien (Secretary and Resident)

Mark Parfitt (Resident)

Alison Turrall (Co-opted Member)

Carmen Brown (Co-opted Member)

Anne Leigh (Denham Nursing Fund)

Cllr Marilyn Heath (Denham Parish Council)

Beverley Walker (Resident)

Derek Walker (Resident)

Kym Grant (Resident)

Kathleen Anderson (Resident)

Past trustees;

The original five trustees appointed in 1921 were:

Basil Charles Fothergill

Richard Henry Morten

William May Sturch

Harry Rance

Augustus Eugene Bronsdon

As these and future trustees retired or died the following were appointed as trustees

(date of appointment in parentheses):

Ethel May Coles (1932)

Francis Powell Braithewaite (1932)

William Gordon Gilbey (1935)

Jeremy Charles Wilson (1953)

Joseph Anthony Lionel Brutton (1953)

Lewis Benjamin Roger Way (1953)

John Benjamin Ashbrook (1964)

Frederick George William Westgate (1964)

John Ingram (1976)

Frank Ingram Cakebread (1977)

Barbara Jean Greenfield (1977)

Bernard Charles Collins (2002)

Hilary Elizabeth Richins (2002)