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Fundraing Events

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Quiz 2002 (Ian Winterbourn)


Sponsored Marathon (Barbara Greenfield)


Quizsheet 2002 (Vivienne Paton)


Sponsored Cycle Ride 2002 (Adrian Hirst)


Ploughman's Lunch (Barbara Greenfield)


Concert 2002 (Bernard Collins)


Candlelit Dinner 2002 (Ian Winterbourn)


Quiz 2003 (Ian Winterbourn)


Vestry Teas (Barbara Greenfield)


Sponsored Cycle Ride 2003 (Adrian Hirst)


Quizsheet 2003 (Vivienne Paton)


Candlelit Dinner 2003(Ian Winterbourn)


Concert 2003(Bernard Collins)


Quiz 2004(Adrian Hirst)


Sponsored Cycle Ride 2004(Adrian Hurst)


Vestry Teas 2004 (Hilary Richins)


Big Band Concert(Ian Winterbourn)


Concert 2004(Bernard Collins)


Sponsored Silence(Hilary Richins)


Vestry Teas 2005(Barbara Greenfield)


We’ll Meet Again (Bernard Collins)


Concert 2005(Bernard Collins)


Quiz 2006(Ian Winterbourn)


Vestry Teas 2006(Barbara Greenfield)


Sponsored Cycle Ride 2006(Adrian Hirst)


Concert 2006(Bernard Collins)


Quiz 2007(Adrian Hirst)


Denham Supper Club(Ian Winterbourn)


Fashion Show



In addition £31,000 has been made available from hall funds. A bank loan of £15,000 has now been fully repaid from surpluses made by the Trust.

Part of the overall refurbishment was the construction of a new office for Denham Parish Council.
The cost of this new office has been funded by the Trust. The Parish Council has paid a rent premium and will continue to pay a commercial rent, taking into account this premium.

Denham Village Memorial Hall is a registered charity No. 202124